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So.Cap European Fusion Hair Extensions

   SO.CAP.USA® Fusion Hair Extension products are among the finest in the world offered right here in Chesapeake, Virginia.. Their private factory in Naples, Italy produces original hair extensions and bonding equipment, which are second to none. They use only the best, hand-selected, 100% human hair that is pre-bonded with 100% Keratin Protein Tips to ensure a healthy and strong bond that lasts from 3 to 6 months.

    Whether you long for length, volume, ornamental flair, or highlights, professional salon hair extensions will enable you to customize your look with precision and quality care. With over 81 hair extension colors in three different textures and designs, SO.CAP.USA Fusion Hair Extensions are ideal for any occasion. SO.CAP offers a complete line of fantasy hair colors. These new types of hair extensions are wildly popular among celebrities and the avant-garde modeling industry. They are terrific for parties, proms, and weddings!
Lynn Osborne understands that you are a unique individual with a unique look in mind. As a Certified So. Cap Fusion Extension Artist since 2005, Lynn will take the time that is essential to create a quality extension experience, no matter which style extension you choose.

    Just think, spend a few hours with Lynn Osborne and you can transform yourself in some imaginative ways! From short and thin hair to long and luxurious. 

    Stop by our Shear Dimensions salon and let Lynn evaluate the condition of your hair and work with you to find a hair extension method that will complement both your lifestyle and your look!

Every Hair Extension client has a one of a kind need. Prices are based upon the look desired and can vary from as low as $450 to $1400. 

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