Pink Hair for Hope


  You asked for it! So once again, I'm delivering Hampton Road's premier Pink Hair For Hope Campaign to you! Help Spread the Word! Dates, Times,and Extension Colors are limited!

During the months of September and October,  So.Cap. USA and Lynn Osborne Hair Designs (located inside Shear Dimensions Salon) will be running their National program called Pink Hair for Hope.

2016 Pink Hair for Hope Dates:

Thursday, Sept. 29 6:30-7 pm

Thursday, Oct. 6   7:30-8 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 11   7:30 – 8 pm


Tuesday, Oct. 25   7:30 - 8 pm


Because our supplies are limited by So Cap USA Hair Extensions, please keep the following in mind during our Pink Hair for Hope Fund raising Efforts!

~ Please come with dry, combed, and clean hair.  Be prepared to tell Lynn where you want to wear your Pink Hair Extension(s)!  There will be no time for drying or brushing hair during the session!      

~ Due to time restrictions, a limited amount of extensions will be applied during each session.

~ Colors and Lengths of Pink Hair Extensions are limited to us by So Cap USA.  There is NO guarantee that we will have all color choices available throughout this fundraiser.  Please reserve a date earlier in the campaign for a better chance of getting the color you most desire! 

~ Reservations are Required for Each and Every person planning to participate in receiving extensions.

~ Application is first come first serve.  Make your reservation for the session you desire, indicate how many pieces you intend to receive, and plan to check in early to your session. Application sessions will end exactly at the time indicated, so if you are running late, we suggest calling to reschedule.
~ If you are under the age of 18, you will need to plan for a parent or guardian to accompany you to sign a release.

  All donations from the Pink Hair for Hope campaign go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Last year's donations were over $480,000! So.Cap has donated over 2.5 Million through the Pink Hair for Hope campaign!  This is Lynn Osborne's 10 th year volunteering to fund raise for Pink Hair for Hope!
Read more about Lynn's  Fund raising Efforts!

 Pink Hair For Hope event!